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Mission & Vision


Our mission is to create awareness programs and strategic development models for sustainable development, livelihood, healthcare, rehabilitation and prevention of malnutrition. We work as catalyst for change and resource group to implement government schemes, social planning through vertical based expertise; technology intervention and support. We strive to serve those who are marginalized having inadequate means to fulfill basic necessities. Our prime focus remains helping underprivileged in society, women and children, and plan our activities thus to help and support those in need.


We envision prosperity and dignity for all; prosperity to live a comfortable life and dignity to stand equal in society as human irrespective of socio-economic background. Our approach is to contribute in building a society where each individual has equal rights and livelihood opportunities; have access to food and affordable education and healthcare. Our endeavor is to have a corporate delivery model for public service and strategic planning to measure the impact of our programs and efforts.

Core Values

DEDICATION : Live Care Foundation have a dedicated team of volunteers and workers inspired to act as catalyst for change; a change for betterment of society as whole and its economic and social condition.
RESPECT: We believe in and appreciate the dignity and potential of each human, thus our values command respect for all to serve humanity without any bias and discrimination.

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