Orphanages are a special residence or Institution devoted to the housing and care of orphans or children who are biologically separated from their families. Orphans not only lack the basic necessities in life but also lead a life of loneliness and feeling unloved.

What we do for them?
Live Care Foundation takes initiatives to help these orphans in the best way possible.

  • Not only do we distribute books, clothes and goods of personal care and grooming but we also make their environment conducive for holistic growth and development without the feeling of being unloved.
  • We work on providing education to the orphans in a safe and secure environment.
  • We also provide robust health and nutrition benefits to the children.
  • We even conduct special programs for them in the orphanages itself to help them remain whole and hearty.

Orphans are also a part of our society and they also need the same nurturing and care like any other children. We duly endeavor to provide them with a feeling of love and comfort within their closed residence of upbringing.