Health is Wealth. Health Care is something that can’t be neglected.

“Without health life is not life; it is only a state of languor and suffering – an image of death.” ~ Buddha

Though India is developing at a fast pace, the growing health problems in people still remain an issue of concern. Some of the major health problems being:

  • Overweight and Obesity is a growing cause of health issue today due to negligence of personal fitness. Being overweight or obese increases chances of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease and colon cancers.
  • Lack of Physical activity and nutrition is the main cause of depleting health in people. Research indicates that staying physically active can help prevent or delay certain diseases, including some cancers, heart disease and diabetes, and also relieve depression and improve mood.
  • A sound mental health condition is also a part of good health and well being. The most common late-in-life mental health condition is depression. Then there are others like dementia which is not part of aging. Dementia can be caused by disease, reactions to medications, vision and hearing problems, infections, nutritional imbalances, diabetes, and renal failure. There are many forms of dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease) and some can be temporary.
  • Tobacco and substance abuse alone are the greatest preventable cause of illness.

As per reports about 55 million Indians were pushed into poverty in a single year because of having to fund their own healthcare and 8 million of them fell below the poverty line due to spending on medicines alone.

Health Expenditure is considered to be catastrophic if it constitutes 10% or more of the overall household consumption expenditure. Despite Government’s constant efforts to provide free medicines, it still fails to reach the marginalized and many people die since they are unable to afford an expensive treatment.

We at Live Care Foundation coordinate with the government’s efforts and make people aware of the health insurance schemes to target maximum beneficiaries.

Many poor people like the slum dwellers suffer from adverse health conditions due to two main reasons – firstly, due to the lack of education and thus lack of awareness; and second the unwillingness to lose a day’s wage in order to reach the nearest medical facility. Healthcare for underprivileged, which is a desperate need, thus remains unaddressed.

The need of the hour is thus a two pronged approach – first to bring quality healthcare services to doorsteps of the needy and second to promote healthcare awareness and contemporary health care seeking behavior among the underprivileged. Our aim is to reach every person with the healthcare facilities as the prime concern to save them from any misfortune.