Live Care Foundation is here with a motive of making the vulnerable and less privileged sections of society come at par with those who can afford a good living.

We thrive on the principle of “Be someone’s light when they are hopeless.”

We work as a beacon of hope adding colours to the life of less fortunate.

We endeavour to promote a culturally diversified and harmonious living within all classes and category of people. We aim to establish an atmosphere of equitable gender ensuring a life of dignity for all women.

Live Care Foundation works to spread education to every underprivileged and destitute. We work to improve lives in an effective manner through various functions and programs in coordination with the government. These programs and functions eliminate the barrier of unawareness among masses reaching even the illiterate to facilitate them with some means of livelihood.

Live Care Foundation addresses every issue of economic and social concern through awareness and renewed efforts to stabilize the marginalized sections of society. We work to impact lives by providing the basic amenities of living and relieve the poor, vulnerable women and children, elderly (senior citizens) and orphans from their burden of a stressed living, thereby, ensuring a healthy, happy and sound life to each. We support into building a socially and economically viable environment with growth opportunities for all.