About Us

Live Care Foundation is a non-profit organization in India working with a view to fight against poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, hunger, livelihood and social injustice. We have been established in year 2018 and in a short time we have done many social functions and programs which have proved to be effective in improving the lives of poor families, women and children. We believe that as a part of a potentially strong society, we are responsible for the help of the less privileged and marginalized society.

We have a team of excellent leadership and dedicated volunteers, social workers, experts and office bearers, who always give their best contribution and are always looking forward to achieving our goal. We have participated and operated many government programs in the field of education, health and livelihood, which have been done in a broad and planned manner, in which we target most beneficiaries and provide benefits of the schemes.

The aim of the Live Care Foundation is to promote an efficient and effective culture that provides greater opportunities for the poor to survive and live their full lives in India. Livelihoods focus on creating sustainable livelihoods from the program. This is done through capacity building, promoting community links and promoting small businesses.