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Live Care Foundation is a non-profit organization in India working with a view to fight against poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, hunger, livelihood and social injustice. We have been established in year 2018 and in a short time we have done many social functions and programs which have proved to be effective in improving the lives of poor families, women and children. We believe that as a part of a potentially strong society, we are responsible for the help of the less privileged and marginalized society. We have a team of excellent leadership and dedicated volunteers, social workers, experts and office bearers, who always give their best contribution and are always looking forward to achieving our goal. We have participated and operated many government programs in the field of education, health and livelihood, which have been done in a broad and planned manner, in which we target most beneficiaries and provide benefits to the scheme.

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We at Live Care Foundation aim to provide education to every destitute, especially children so that they can be prevented from child labor and thereby grow into well rounded individuals seeking better opportunities. We mainly endeavor to promote a girl child’s education in a safe, secure and gender responsive environment; and make an effort to improve the condition of a girl child who is often neglected in our Indian society and provide her a life of dignity.

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We at Live Care Foundation coordinate with the government’s efforts and make people aware of the health insurance schemes to target maximum beneficiaries. Many poor people like the slum dwellers suffer from adverse health conditions due to two main reasons – firstly, due to the lack of education and thus lack of awareness; and second the unwillingness to lose a day’s wage in order to reach the nearest medical facility. Healthcare for underprivileged, which is a desperate need, thus remains unaddressed

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Food is one of the basic needs for the survival of the humans that also strengthens health. But its very unfortunate that there are myriad of starving stomach seeking for every single bite of food. Destitution is nothing new to these insane as this can’t be eradicated within a single blow of time.We Provide food to as many hungry people as possible to enable them to survive, learn and work.

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As over-population is continuing to be at the top of the list, implementation of Housing facilities are becoming increasingly difficult. Lack of funds and space is the major problem. At Live Care Foundation, we believe that all these factors can be eliminated only when responsible general citizens take a step towards charity. With immense struggle, we have come a long way and with innovative schemes and policies, we seek to attain our targets deeply.

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Old age home is more than a retirement home, it is an experience center where fully captivated teachers froughting with knowledge of life resides. Our ‘experience center’ is a library where one can find the answer to the hidden question of the tangled lives. Here each one of us is as respected as our parents. Live Care Foundation not only helps and provides support to the poor and needy but it also helps the weaker sections of the society which includes the people at old age (senior citizens).

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Orphanages are a special residence or Institution devoted to the housing and care of orphans or children who are biologically separated from their families. Orphans not only lack the basic necessities in life but also lead a life of loneliness and feeling unloved.Our goal is to arrange orphanage and education for orphaned children so that they can build their future easily

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Distribute clothes to poor, destitute women and children

Distribution of books and supplies for poor and needy children

Distribution of food to the needy, destitute and hungry people

Distribution of Medicines and Health related Materials

Building old age homes for destitute and unemployed elderly

Always help in Building orphanages and education for orphans

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